Fort Madison has a fascinating and dynamic history; from construction of the original fort in 1808 by Lt. Alpha Kingsley and the men of the First U.S. Infantry, to heavy Indian attacks from 1812 onward, to its eventual settlement by Peter Williams in 1834. Fort Madison's history also spans the times of picturesque Mississippi river boats, to the beginnings of the rail era in the mid 1850s, to lumber and brick manufacturing (bricks that rebuilt Chicago after the famous fire), and the establishment of the famous Sheaffer Pen Company in 1908. Some of Fort Madison's many famous past residents included James Ringling, Jr. (of the famous circus founders), and the daughter and granddaughters of Betsy Ross. Buried in the city's oldest cemetary are Clarissa S. Wilson, Betsy Ross's daughter, and Clarissa's daughters, Rachel Wilson Albright, Sofia Wilson Hildebrandt, and Elizabeth Wilson Campion.

Fort Madison is now a burgeoning area playing host to the likes of Siemens Power Generation, one of the world’s leading suppliers of components and systems to companies in the energy and electricity industry.

Fort Madison's shopping spans antiques, fine clothes and shoes, handmade chocolates, a wine bar with artisanal cheeses and charcuterie, a beer micro-brewery, and numerous gift shops
Historic Downtown District
Riverboats have moored in Fort Madison, and Bass Fishing is abundant
Majestic Mississippi River
Every winter, you can see many, many bald eagles
Bald Eagles Nest Here
with a 525 foot swing span, this bridge is the longest double decker swing span bridge in the world
World's Largest Swing-Span Bridge
built in 1840, this is the oldest courthouse in continuous use in the State of Iowa
Lee County Courthouse (county seat)
this magnificent engine was built in 1943 and was capable of speeds up to 120 miles per hour
A Train-lover's Town; Lots of History
built by the D.A.R., the chimney denotes the actual site of Blockhouse #1 of the original Fort Madison
The Lone Chimney commemorates old Fort Madison
built in 1857, this house was home to Besty Ross' daughter, Clarissa Wilson, and her grandaughter, Rachel Albright
The Albright 'Betsy Ross' House
Fort Madison is home to a Siemens Power Generation plant that produces wind turbine blades for clean energy
Siemens Power Generation
transports locally made wind
turbine blades